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CVtech Trailbloc

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Well you've all heard about it by now, here is some details!!! This clutch is called the CV Tech Trailbloc. The clutch itself is an amazing clutch that allows you to have a one-way bearing, that is a smaller diameter than the factory clutches one-way bearing, which allows the belt to ride lower in the primary, and higher in the secondary giving you a lower starting gear ratio thus giving you more low end. Having a lower starting gear ratio allows you to have TONS more low end and throttle control to navigate obstacles, and have TONS more punch off the line with no belt slip. I can take this clutch, and modify it ever so slightly to change the characteristics of the clutch on how it engages, and shifts to maximize performance from your machine. If you give me a list of the modifications to your machine, I can set a clutch up specifically to match the mods done to your machine in order to give you max gains. You all have bought clutch kits in the past correct? Well this clutch is BETTER than any clutch kit on the market. I am basically setting your clutch up with the weights and spring necessary to suit your riding style and engines power. Each bike is different, and each rider may have a different riding style, which is why i have done countless tests, and done my best to figure out what weight and spring combination fits the best and best matches each engines power, and performance.

Feel free to shoot us an email for specific details on your machine. We offer multiple stall/engagements, and whatever shiftout RPMs you would like to run whether you want a stock feel, or max performance! This clutch does not slip belts like the factory BRP clutch, because of its design, and setup, when it grabs the belt, its got it TIGHT! no more slipping the belts when you are trying to navigate rough terrain, or trying to slowly climb over an obstacle. This clutches abilities will flat out astound you!