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The /// story!

///AIRDAM Clutches started out simply because Adam Harveys own personal bike would not tote the loads he wanted it to. So what did Adam Harvey do? He decided to go into his clutch housing on his Arctic Cat 700H1 and see what he could do, after reading on the forums about the famous "shim mod" where you shim the primary clutch further apart to allow the belt to drop lower in the primary gaining a lower gear ratio, he decided to see if he could replicate the same effects by machining the clutch to allow the belt to drop lower in the primary, without having to space the clutch halves (sheaves) further apart which makes you lose your top speeds. After a few hours of tinkering Adam was successful at finding the correct sheave angle to machine the clutches to that would allow the belt to drop to the lowest point of the clutch to gain the maximum low gear ratio, without sacrificing any top speeds by also allowing the belt to ride to the very top of the primary clutch sheaves as well. Being a natural born tinkerer, Adam saw a few places in the clutches that he thought could yield some interesting gains if he modified them. After using his own personal machine as a guinea pig, he began working on the clutches and modifying them in such a way to net the most possible gains in low end, throttle response, acceleration, and top speeds. He then slowly built a great reputation of building Arctic Cat clutches, which lead him to experiment on a Suzuki clutch, and then on to a Yamaha clutch with the same gains across the board, more low end, better acceleration, and more top speeds. After building a successful and growing business working on centrifugal roller clutches, he then started to experiment with flyweight clutches most notably the Can-Am clutch. Once seeing the shortcomings of the TGB flyweight clutch used by the Can-Am machines, he started looking for a replacement that would suit the machines better and give more performance. Adam did some digging, and found the CVtech trailbloc, an already produced clutch, that he was able to use on the Can-Am machines, modify, and build to suit each owners needs and wants. The CVtech trailbloc is built nearly identical to the Centrifugal roller clutches that Adam was so familiar with, which gave him an advantage in tuning it which allowed Adam to easily be able to machine, and assemble each clutch to fit each owners personal needs. Adam has tested machines tirelessly to find out what works best in each condition, under each type of condition whether it be sand, rocks, mountains, mud, and snow, with every possible tire combination so that he could learn what suited each machine the best, to help him build the perfect clutch for each owner. Adam took the CVtech trailbloc and started building it to fit every possible machine on the market such as the Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Suzuki, Polaris, Can-am, and Kawasaki machines. If you wanna go fast, you are already on the right website just keep looking on the next few pages!!!