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This is an imageFor all you Can-am owners we have many options for you depending on your riding style, tire size, motor modifications, and personal preferences. Regardless of whether you spend 100% of your time on the trails, in the mud, or racing your buddies in the dunes, we can build you the right setup to get all your power to the ground reliably, smoothly, and efficiently. We are a full line Supreme Tool and Machine dealer, CVtech dealer, and also carry a full line of Dalton products along with factory BRP and BRP racing products for your machine. ///AIRDAM Clutches has one goal, and that is 100% customer satisfaction and we strive daily to build the best setup that meets each riders needs. Since each rider is different, and each machine is different, we have tested countless number of machines in every situation to find out what works best, and we continually work to learn and find out what will suit each rider depending on the information you give us. That is why we ask a series of questions, and depending on the answers to these questions we may ask another series of questions. We want to find out what you do, how you do it, and what you need to make your machine run to its peak power levels reliably and safely and get the most power down.


CVtech primary clutches - This primary clutch is a centrifugal roller primary clutch design which is also the same concept that many other manufacturers use for its simplicity and durability and performance. The CVtech primary clutch clamps a belt harder than any other clutch anywhere near its price meaning you wont slip and smoke any more belts. This clutch also gives a super low starting gear ratio meaning you get TONS more low end by gaining this lower gear ratio. Another great aspect of this clutch is its overall weight, it is lighter than the factory primary clutch meaning your engine will rev faster, helping you accelerate faster. The CVtech is also a larger diameter than your factory clutch meaning you will also run a taller gear ratio allowing you to run less RPMs at a set MPH meaning you burn less RPMs on the trails so you burn less fuel. One of the best selling points for the CVtech is its sealed one-way bearing which gives you superior engine braking over stock, since you have a lower starting gear ratio with the smaller one-way bearing, you also gain a lower engine braking ratio giving you superior engine braking and down-hill descending control over any other clutch on the market. All the CVtech clutches built for can-am 800 and 1000 engines come with our upgraded plate which handles all the power you can throw at it with no problems or issues.

STM primary clutches

The STM primary clutches are a flyweight style primary clutch just like your factory primary clutch, they use flyweights in the movable sheave that press against fixed rollers in a spyder which clamp the movable sheave closed onto the belt. The STM RAGE 3 primary has 3 base weights to clamp the movable sheave closed. the STM RAGE 6 primary has 3 lower base weights and 3 upper helper weights, this primary is designed to handle more power than the RAGE 3. The RAGE 8 primary clutch has 4 lower base weights and 4 upper helper weights. This primary clutch is by far superior in tunability for big power machines such as turbo applications or heavily modified race engines with nitrous. All STM primary clutches must be run with an STM secondary clutch. The STM primary clutches do not come with a one-way bearing in the primary clutch, so if you need engine braking you must order the correct secondary helix to retain engine braking. When you speak to us about your order we will be able to help you chose what fits your needs best.

Machined secondary clutch

Alot of you have heard of it, seen others with it listed on forums, but it seems the machined secondary is one of the most unknown about things i do. The majority of people think a machined secondary is only for top speed, this is FAR from the truth. When i machine a secondary clutch, i do many things to it, the first and most notable thing is i machine the secondary to close more, allowing the secondary to squeeze tighter pushing the belt higher in the secondary gaining you an even lower gear ratio over stock. With a CVtech primary clutch and machined secondary combo we see 25-26% lower gear ratios over stock. This super low gearing gives you the power to turn any tire, in any situation. Having the super tight belt pinch created with this machining gives you the assurance that your belt will never run loose, and never slip. The secondary machining we do also changes the angles of the secondary sheaves, by doing this we can create a faster upshift which allows you to accelerate faster. When we are machining the secondary we also allow the belt to drop lower in the secondary which helps with the taller gearing ratios that the CVtech is capable of.

STM secondary clutch

Most of you have seen pictures of these works of art, beautiful billet roller clutches. This clutch is in a league of its own in performance and shift characteristics. The one fatal flaw of a factory secondary clutch on a can-am is that it will not backshift itself under loads, you must let out of the throttle in order for the factory secondary to backshift in order for you to be in the right gear ratio. An STM secondary clutch is not the same, being a full roller secondary clutch it will backshift itself under loads since it does not suffer from the friction that kills the OEM secondary. When you are headed up a long hill with your stock clutches, and your engine starts to bog down, if you keep in the throttle your engine continues to bog only because your stock secondary wont backshift under a load, if you swapped to an STM roller secondary when you hit that same hill, and your engine started to see a load, rather than the engine bog down, the secondary will backshift you into the proper gear ratio to keep you at peak RPMs and maintain peak power so you continue to pull up the hill without losing momentum.

Depending on how you answer a few questions, we can gladly help you pick out the proper clutch setup that fits your riding style, and helps you get the most power to the ground every time you need it. Try and answer these questions for us, depending on how you answer them we will likely give you more questions. This is only to try and figure out what you need and what will suit you best. When we build any primary clutch we can build it to suit your needs, when we build a full clutch setup, it will do everything you ask of it every time you ask it guaranteed.

1) what machine do you have, make and model
2) what engine mods and bolt-ons do you have
3) what type of riding do you do
4) what size tires do you have