Here at ///AIRDAM Clutches, we build and machine clutches for a various number of machines.

For Arctic Cat, CF Moto, Suzuki, and Yamaha factory clutches:

We can machine your current clutches from your machine, you simply take them off your machine, clean them up, box them up with your information following our packaging page, and ship them in. We can take your information you send in, and determine what setup will be best for your machine, for your riding style, with your tire size, and engine power so that you get the gains you are looking for. Each machine is different, and each rider is different, some riders are a wide open kinda guy, some riders are more technical and precautious. As long as you give us all your information, we will do our best to build you the absolute best setup that meets your specific needs.

We also offer complete clutch setups for these machines above. If you are looking for a new replacement clutch setup with our machining done, we can supply you with a complete clutch setup, machined to meet your needs and ship them ready to bolt on your machine. All you have to do is contact us and give us all the information of your machine, make and model and we can build you a complete setup and ship it to you so that you don't have any downtime and your clutches will come to you ready to bolt on.

For Arctic Cat, Suzuki, and Yamaha:

We offer the Wet Clutch Delete. This setup completely eliminates the wet clutch out of your engine. These machines all have a wet clutch inside the engine that spins inside a drum. Under centrifugal force this wet clutch opens up engaging the drum, which then turns the outer dry clutches. This wet clutch burns up under high loads with big tires and slips when it gets hot which reduces your power levels especially on hard launches with big tires. The Wet Clutch Delete is by far the biggest improvement you can make on any of these machines. Before you go spending big money building a hot rod engine, spend the money on the wet clutch delete, we assure you, you cant spend your money better because the wet clutch delete will completely change your machine making it feel more powerful and more responsive after you get rid of the wet clutch lag and slip.

For Can-Am BRP:

We offer many clutch setups for the Can-Am machines. It does not matter if you have an Outlander 400, all the way up to the Commander 1000. We offer a clutch setup that will put more power to the ground, pull harder in the sticky situations, and make you run faster than you ever thought possible. On any of the Outlander / Renegade / Commander platforms, we can give you the gains you are looking for regardless of what you do with your machine. If you are a hunter needing your Commander to tow heavy loads out of the woods without burning the belts, we have a setup that engages smooth as silk, will pull anything you can load onto a commander, and NOT slip the belts. If you are a Commander owner who runs wide open up the sand dunes, believe me we have your setup as well. Adam has spent time in Glamis to find out what works in the sand, and we promise we can built you a setup that meets your needs. How about you mud racers, wanna go faster than the next guy and be on the podium every weekend, just give us some information about your machine and your riding style and we will have you a setup built that will launch you like a rocket and run more MPH than you ever thought while putting more power down than you can get with any other setup. Dont think i forgot about you trail riders who are just tired of burning the stock belts, we can build you exactly what you are looking for. Are you a drag racer??? Well i can assure you, if your engine can make the power, we will get it down better than the competetion. We are a full CVtech and STM dealer, and depending on your riding style, tire size, engine modifications, and your personal preferences, we can build you a complete setup that will fit your needs guaranteed.

For Polaris:

We are currently in our early stages with Polaris machines. We have built a few Polaris 800 RZR clutches, and 900 RZR XP clutches, and 850 XP clutches now. We are currently in long term testing on each of these 3 models, and reporting amazing success and gains. Watch our Youtube vid of the new clutch setup for the RZR 900 XP we just finished. The 3 machines we built clutches for were headed to the Baja 1000 for the longest most enduring race there is. We will keep you posted with their long term success, our preliminary testing showed amazing gains and success, the biggest test being the Baja 1000 they were headed to tackle. If you have one of these machines, we can build a clutch for you and will be happy to get you ahead of the competition!

Clutch Parts:

We do offer just about any clutch part you can think of. Belts, Clutches, clutch seals, clutch rollers, springs, ect. If you have damaged a clutch part on your machine, or if you need replacement parts, or are just looking for go-fast parts. Give us an email or call with your questions, as we keep most parts in stock that deal with the clutches on the machines above. We will be glad to help you.


We will gladly schedule you an appointment to come in if you are local to us and would like clutch work done to your machine. We have had owners drive from as far away as New Jersey, Arizona, and all over the south. We are located in Vicksburg Ms, and if you would like to bring your bike to us, give us a call or an email, schedule an appointment, and that time will be yours. We will be glad to work on your machine when you bring it in, and i can assure you that you will leave with a smile!